Ava is obsessed with McDonald's at the moment (though she's been once in the past month). Yesterday she said "Daddy work at Da-DON-dalds". No, daddy works at the hospital. "Daddy eat at Da-DON-dalds."

Last week I had the door to my bedroom open and Ava came running in. "Ada jump on mommy's bed." OK Ava. As she starts jumping around in circles on the bed she cries out "Mommy, I excersising. I excercising!"

Scared is one of her favorite words at the moment, although she isn't afraid of everything she claims. This morning she ran to Elliott - "Get you daddy. I scared of Jack."

Her love affair with Super Why continues. She now has become VERY interactive with the show, putting her arm in when they say "put your arm in" and screams "RESCUE!" when they say "super why to the rescue!" She has even started wrapping herself in towels and blankets and saying "Ada super" as she runs through the house.

One of her favorite words right now is "so", as in "Lily is soooooo little" or "Lily is soooooo tired". Which I think is soooooo cute.

She can sing the Elmo's World theme song and Itsy Bitsy Spider all by herself.

The other day I had both girls sitting in between my legs, facing each other. Lily started to get a little fussy, so I rubbed her back and said "It's OK Lily". Ava immediately leaned in, grabbed Lily in a big bear hug and started saying "So-kay Ninny, so-kay."

She is becoming a little mother to all of her stuffed animals and dolls. She has been nursing Minnie Mouse (she wanted me to do it but I told her I only nursed Lily, so she did it) and changing imaginary diapers. She came to me holding one of her dolls and said "Poopy panties mommy." So I said why don't you go change the doll's panties. She wandered off and came back in a little later and told me they were all clean and went back to playing.

If you are behind a door she will bang on it - "come out Mommy, come out!"

Her vocabulary skills have officially exceeded her signing skills. I know this has been the case for awhile but her new favorite pasttime is sayiing something then saying "like this" and signing it. For example, we were in a parking lot when she looked up and saw a helicopter. "Helicopter mommy. Like this." And then she did the sign for helicopter.


Skinner Family said...

Such a smart girl! Emmalee loves Super Why. now that she is at school, she misses it. She thinks it is so cool that I tape it for her!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Ava-isms!!! All of them are absolutely adorable! Thanks for giving us a tiny taste of the funny things she does and says. She really is so smart and I'm proud to be her auntie :)