Growing Up


* Elliott may indeed try to introduce her to every sport under the sun, but I am convinced that my oldest daughter is a girl, through and through. While on vacation we were playing at a playground. Ava found a red suction cup dart on the ground that had come from a group of boys. She picked it up and did what any little girl would do - pretended it was lipstick. Naturally!

* She has started to answer herself, especially when it is something she really, really wants. Mommy, Ada snack. OK Ada. OK.

* She has started speaking to Lily in the same inflection I use - talking in up and down pitches. She doesn't make sense, but she will get right up to Lily and sound just like my intonations, while smiling and touching Lily's face. Lily eats it up.

* Learning to share is a new concept to Ava. Everything is hers. Even Lily's body parts belong to Ava if you ask her. Having spent a week with cousins there were the normal share of fighting over toys and learning to share with each other quibbles, but I know I got just a taste of it. Ava is really coming into her own on this one and I am not sure I am looking forward to it.

* I can see more of her baby words slipping away as her vocabulary grows more each day. A couple of "Ava's" replaced "Ada" the other day and her "Papa" is being slowly replaced by "Grandpa". She has also been expressing herself with more feeling and environmental words - sad, wiggle, ceiling fan, cute, pretty. I will admit, some of the words I have no idea where she picked them up at - ceiling fan?! I know we have ceiling fans in our house, but I don't refer to them (or maybe I do and I don't realize it).


* She loved all of the attention she got from her cousins while on vacation, just laughing and laughing. Check out the video on our vacation post.

* She is becoming such a little grabber. She got a hold of my food a couple of times on vacation and if she gets ahold of your hair (or earrings), I feel sorry for you.

* She is getting up on all fours, scooting (mostly backwards) all over the place. Elliott thinks she will be crawling by the end of the month, I say September. Not too soon, I hope!

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Jennifer B said...

I can't believe Ava is talking so much. That is so cool!! I wish I could tell you that it get's easier with the sharing, but not so much. Good luck with it. At least you won't have to deal with it too much until Lily get's older.