Trip to the Dentist

I am no stranger to dentists. When I was young I had almost all of my baby teeth pulled to make room for the permanent teeth, getting a jump on braces. I have tried to maintain my oral health even as an adult, when parents are no longer around to make you do it. So last month Elliott and I finally got around to setting up our check-up and cleaning appointments for the first time since moving to Las Vegas (two years since the last visit in Boston). Boy, has technology changed!

At our new dentist they took digital x-rays, so we saw immediately what everything looked like. Then they took digital pictures both before and after our cleaning, to show us the difference. Each room was equipped with a computer screen next to the chair, so the patient could just follow along with the photos. Very neat.

Today I went back for the second half - two fillings and the polishing. White fillings are now the norm (not when I was a kid) and the first polishing was all done by water. I have to admit a sense of comfort when they pulled the old scrubby polishing paste out for the second round of polishing. I remember that stuff.

While at the dentist I experienced something funny which was in no way associated with the dental care. While they are messing around in your mouth somebody is always talking to you or asking questions or talking around you, but you can't respond since your mouth is a little bit busy. This trip I wanted communicate about things they were talking about (Lily, the doctor's baby boy, napping, etc.) but I couldn't speak. So I kept wanting to use sign language! But nobody there spoke sign language. It was a frustrating feeling. And an interesting one to have. Gives me a lot to think about.

So now my teeth are nice and clean and smooth. Makes me not want to drink coffee tomorrow (but I will anyway).

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