Walgreens and Smiths deals - 6/21/08

Today was a good - no, a GREAT - shopping day, thanks to coupons and sales.

At Smiths grocery store I got:

* two bags of Lipton Spanish Rice
* one pouch of Ragu pasta sauce
* one jar of Ragu pasta sauce
* package of Farmland bacon

After store sales, manufacturer coupons, and e-coupons my total was $1.46, an 84% savings!

On to Walgreens, where I got:

* two tubs of Huggies baby wipes
* six boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
* two jars of Planters dry-roasted peanuts
* two tubs of Planters cocktail peanuts
* two Rimmel eyeliners

I spent $10.22 after coupons and sales, and then received $7 in Register Rewards back, to be used like cash on my next visit, thus making the trip the equivalent of $3.22, a 91% savings.

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Jennifer B said...

That is so awesome!! I have really fallen off the band wagon and need to get back on now that I am past survival mode. =)I need to strive to be as great as you!!