Nursery Reveal!

Oh.  My.  Gosh. 

Can I just tell you how much I love how the nursery turned out?  The other night I had the table lamp on and I could’ve sat for hours in the rocking chair, reading books to Emma.  This room makes me so happy.

Before you look at the finished product, let’s take a look at my inspiration board:


And the reveal:

For those of you that have complimented me on the dresser, I can’t take credit for it.  That is the finish that it came with.  Fortuitous, yes?

The bedding is Full Circle from Land of Nod.  It’s since been discontinued, but I remembered this design since I was planning Ava’s nursery back in the day.  I stumbled across it a couple of years ago at a garage sale for $10 (it’s over $100 for the set) and snagged it so fast that I didn’t realize it had some yellow staining until I got it home.  I tried unsuccessfully to get the stains out, but in the end it doesn't really bother me.  I just point that side toward the wall.  I also made three matching crib sheets - because I’m obsessive like that.

I had to give you a close-up of the three patterns/colors going on in the room: the gray stripes, the lime green polka dot curtains and the gray/turquoise/green bedding.  I am going to now reveal something shocking: Elliott picked out the curtain material!  I had purchased some other material previously and we both agreed it just didn’t work.  So he started fishing through things in the closet, found a quilt I made which had this lime green fabric in it, and held it up to the bedding.  Who would’ve thought?  But we love it!  Don’t you?


After I fixated on the daschund lamp (with Lily’s assistance) and the little dog vase/statue I picked up at a garage sale (and spray painted, though not quite the shade I was looking for), I jumped in with both feet and decided if their was any “theme” I would stick with dogs.  Hence, I made a couple of dog silhouette graphics using scrapbook paper I had on hand to use as artwork on the gallery shelves.  I also threw in a couple of personal mementoes (a love note from Elliott, a picture of Emma’s newborn fingers), graphics I created or found for free, and some greenery and toy trucks (courtesy of my inspiration board photo).

My lovely little reading/nursing corner.  I bought the side table at a consignment store last weekend for about $40.  It is sturdy as a rock (they just don’t make them like they used to) but if I had more energy and inclination I would paint it white.  (Elliott says I paint everything and he might be right.)

My lovely little daschund lamp from World Market.  *Swoon*  And I wanted Dashel to get a chance to look at his sisters too (Oh, who am I kidding, I love that photo!)  Books courtesy of Emma’s last reading session.


I had the three vintage Winnie the Pooh prints hanging in the girls’ bathroom at our last two home and one day I realized they colors worked in the nursery, so in they came.  The wall is quite large but it is enough to break up the space and in fact I enjoy all the “white space” in the room and am fighting the urge to fill up all the corners.  The green bins on the bottom shelf hold burp cloths and blankets but may eventually get swapped out for wicker baskets, just something to give a little more texture to the room.  And yes, eventually I’ll get a non-pink changing table cover (or make one).  


On the way out of the room I used IKEA spice racks to hold books at just the right toddler height (Emma approved) and hung a mirror with a Thoreau quote on it.  That may get swapped out later for something else, but I think right now everything is just perfect!


Jana Spencer said...

Love it! You're a great interior designer! :)

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

LOVE the nursery!! It looks amazing! That bedding was such a great find (and deal)! It really makes the nursery! Love the prints in the room and of course the awesome stripes! The room is totally magazine worthy!