February Updates {Life Via Facebook}

February 3
Note to self: The best time to go to the doctor's office is during the Super Bowl. (Stupid *almost* ruptured eardrum, which there is nothing to do but take Ibuprofen and wait). But I managed to only miss the halftime show. Score!

February 4
My ear is feeling better this morning. I think Ibuprofen rather than Tylenol is the key (anti-inflammatory). Regular dosing has kept the pain levels low, but I am still semi-deaf in one ear. (And playing that up a bit with the kids. "What, I can't hear you" Ha ha ha!)

February 5
I love how strawberries go on sale just in time for Valentine's season!

February 7
Tonight Lily chose (chose!) to eat her spinach rather than the chicken, pesto and mozzarella panini I made for dinner. She DID rethink this decision after several bites, but by then it was too late and the sandwich had been doled out to another sister.

It would be nice to see my Elliott more often. The new job is keeping him pretty busy.

February 8
I love using a deck of playing cards and dominoes to do math with Ava. Who needs textbooks?

February 12
Just convinced Elliott to go to the chiropractor because he is so much pain. Please, God, if I am right about just one thing today - PLEASE let this be it.

I just made steamed asparagus with homemade Hollandaise. Who am I? And more importantly, where has this deliciousness been all my life??!!

My 17 month old has been following me around yelling "I eat! I eat!"   Think it's time to feed them?

February 14
The plus-side: my hubby is home all day on Valentines Day! The down side: he'll be doped up on Loritab and muscle relaxers and not so interactive.

As I was having a little mental pit-party about how I'll spend Valentines Day serving my hubby, I asked God to help me change my attitude. Then at the doctor's waiting room I started reading my book, and right at the top of the chapter was John 15:13 - "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

February 18
Why don't my children understand the importance of Downton Abbey? Quiet time, please children.

February 19
I can think of a million things to do at the moment (put away clothes, ironing, reading, etc). But none of them are feasible with the kids running around. *sigh* So I'm on Facebook.

Thanks to everyone who came to my doTerra Essential Oils class today! I had a great time; thank YOU for letting me share it with you!

February 21
Made miso soup, potstickers, mongolian beef stir-fry and rice for dinner.  The kitchen and dining area are now a mess, I’m tired and I am hosting book group in 30 minutes.  Lucky for me, these ladies are full of grace.

February 23
Countdown to March 10 begins.  Why you ask?  Because then maybe life will slow down.  So much coming up – Lily’s (multiple) birthday celebrations, homeschool conference, crafting/blogging event, plus all the normal stuff.  Phew…

February 25
Yesterday I turned an old twin flannel sheet into two crib sheets for Emma.  I just put it on her bed and I am so happy that my sweetie will have such warm, soft sheets now.

February  28
Emma is 18 months today and decided to impress us with some new speech skills.  She said “I love you” at breakfast and a little while later she and I had this conversation: “Mommy, I go” (downstairs with the older two).  No Emma, you can’t go downstairs.  “Why?”.  SERIOUSLY??!!  You are too young to be asking why yet!

Lily’s BD countdown begins.  Cupcakes just came out of the oven and decorations will be made later today…

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