{Homeschool} Valentine’s Party

My friend Kelli had the great idea to throw a Valentine’s party for our homeschool friends.  One the myths about homeschoolers is lack of socialization, but I am here to tell you – when do we not socialize?  But organizing a party is a bit more work.  Kelli took the reigns, but my place is larger so I offered to host.  We worked together to come up with some activities we thought the kids would have fun with.

Of course though I had to start my kids day off right – heart pancakes with homemade strawberry syrup.


For the party, I rearranged our living space in an effort to create as open a space as possible. 

I decorated a little bit:

Hearts above and in the entertainment center,

Chalkboard art,

and a Valentine’s banner.  Nothing too much.

We had about 17 children at the party (including mine).  We exchanged homemade Valentines, made Valentine’s crafts,

guessed how many candy hearts were in the container,

played a heart matching game,

and of course had lots of yummy treats!


The kids had a great time getting together with all of their friends!

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