Liberty Park Field Trip

Another fun place we went this summer (along with Rose and Rachel when they were still here) was Liberty Park in Salt Lake City.  The place in itself is gi-normous, but we stayed in the splash area, known as The Creeks.

There are little streams, varying in depths, that you can splash around in and a small pool for wading.  However, the pool was deeper than I thought and worked out beautifully for the girls to “swim” in.  Emma was enthralled with the pool and the only downside is that I hadn’t thought to bring her floatie (Why would I? I thought it was shallower than it actually was) so I spent the time holding her hands.


After we played in the water awhile I knew it would be lunchtime soon, so I loaded everyone up and headed back to the car.  But we got sidetracked.  By the Ferris Wheel.

When Liberty Park was first built during the turn of the 20th century, it was a main entertainment attraction in Salt Lake.  Many of the activities are still there today – food stand, boat rides on the pond, the aviary, Merry Go Round and the Ferris Wheel (though they moved the zoo further out of town).

I have to admit, the ride was much more for myself than the girls, who, although excited, would have been happier riding the Merry Go Round or one of the other little kid rides.  Too bad for them!  I took Ava and Lily with me (only three people in a seat) and Rachel took Piper and Rose.


Afterwards we dropped Rachel and Rose off at home and went to lunch at Gourmandise'.  It was a lovely summer day!

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