June Updates {Life Via Facebook}

June 1
Before bed last night I had to do a brain dump. Just too many thoughts and items for the to-do list. But after a great night sleep I am ready to tackle said items. Woo hoo!

Allright, Emma should be all set with another round of baby food I just spent all day making. Phew! But I'm glad I did it. Can't believe how much I used to pay for jars of it at the store. And this way she gets so much more interesting flavors (salmon with broccoli and parmesan; chicken with pumpkin, zucchini, and apple; broccoli with potato and cheese; spinach and blueberries; apples with peaches and strawberries; plums with apples and blueberries; cheesy tomato cauliflower).

You know when the kids get up early, it all just starts to snowball. Then they start going to bed earlier and I go to bed earlier cause I know they are going to get up earlier and I have to get up earlier (and I'm extra tired for getting up earlier). Before you know it I am never gonna see 10pm again!

June 3
Spent the morning with good friends. Now I am going on a walk with the kids, then some "mommy" time at Starbucks and home to BBQ outside. It's a good day!

@ Starbucks, getting COMPLETELY prepped and caught up and ahead of the game for the summer/week ahead. That feels good!

June 4
This morning Lily wanted to make a lion mask; I said OK. After awhile she informed me it was alot easier to just put the glue on her face to make the mask stick. Um, yes. Yes it is (isn't she a smarty?). But then I spent a while scrubbing glue stick chunks and bit of paper off her neck and face.

Today Piper managed to get a big ol' bee caught in her swimsuit panties. Don't ask me how. And don't ask me how she didn't stung with all that screaming! (In all honesty I didn't believe her when she said it was "IN" her panties. I thought she meant "on" and it flew away. But I humored her and pulled them aside to peek in - and the bee flew in my face.)

June 7
Emma LOVES watermelon!

June 8
Just have to give a shout out to my family physician (actually nurse practitioner, but who's counting) who took the time to figure out the snafu with immunizations and send me a letter to let me know he looked into it (like he said he would) and fixed it. Also to the super honest vacuum cleaner repairman this week who told me the part I needed cost $12.95 plus $30 labor. SEE FRIENDS - there are good people out there!!

June 13
I felt a little bad about making the girls come inside early tonight - but that was after they had already removed the tomato stakes and picked (and smashed) most of the strawberries. And earlier today I caught them (OK, Ava tattled) climbing up on the window ledge in the basement and jumping down onto the guest bed. You take your eye off of 'em for ONE MINUTE.....

June 15
Cheesecake, cake balls, and sushi are what I'm makin' in the kitchen right now.  Now THAT'S a combination!

June 19
Summertime movie this morning with the two older girls, who are now playing outside in the 74 degree weather. What a lovely day!

June 20
Last night I thought of another oddity of mine: I always have to put on socks before bed cause my feet are cold, but I always pull them off halfway through the night cause I'm too hot.

June 21
Just scored a deal for some BBQ catering for 4th of July. Yeah, no cooking for me!

June 22
People, if you want me to come to your garage sale then you HAVE to put the address in the ad!

June 23
Confession: I may (or may not) have bought some baby boy crib bedding at a garage sale today. Since I have been ogling this particular set from Land of Nod for YEARS I knew a good buy when I saw one - even if I am not expecting. LOL!

June 24
Watched Jeff, Who Lives At Home last night. I thought that was a sweet little movie. I like the idea of synchronicity.

June 25
Between insomnia and a sick baby, I got zero sleep. Zero. I guess I will just be happy that I had so much time to metabolize my dinner.

SOOO excited for my friend Katy, who's having her first baby right now! They've been waiting for you for a LONG time, Will; take it easy on your Momma.

June 27
Going on Day 7 of Emma not keeping much down. We were at the doctor's Monday night and nothing was amiss although she had lost a pound (and she only weighed 17 to start). So mommas - when do I ask for bloodwork?

June 28
Emma is getting back to herself today, yeah! A quick trip to the doctor ruled out dehydration and I have just been doling the Pedialyte out *very* slowly so as to prevent more upchucking. So far she has kept everything down since last night.

June 30
Picked our first green bean and cherry tomato of the season. Woo hoo!

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