Preschool Graduation

It’s that time of year – the end of school.  Preschool is no different.  Both Lily and Ava performed in the annual Preschool Program and Ava graduated (again!) on May 22. 

All year long, the children has been learning “their parts” to the program and I practiced with my girls.  Each child had a poem about an animal that started with a letter of the alphabet.  And they were excited about it!


We met Grandma and Grandpa Kay at the theater that night and we got all a surprise - Ava was opening the show by leading the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance! She was brilliant and we were so proud!!


Lily was up first with “A is for Alpha Alligator”.  For as much as she is a little mini-Elliott she doesn’t seem to have his dislike of public speaking.  She walked straight to the microphone and recited her piece like a professional, no nerves and no jitters at all.

Ava was near the end with her recitation “V is for Vavoom Vulture.”  Again, she is a natural performer and had no fear, cool as a cucumber.

The girls had a fantastic year with their teacher, Mrs. Lockwood.  We have been so blessed to have her as a neighbor and teacher, and more importantly their cheerleader and biggest supporter.  She is an amazing woman!  Ava now reads, writes and spells at a first grade level and Lily is beginning to read and she writes her name fantastically.  All courtesy of Mrs. Lockwood.  Piper is so excited to go to preschool next year and I can’t wait for her to go either; it will be awesome for her!


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