Maxi Dress Makeover

On a recent late night trip to Target, sans children, I was able to wander a little bit and checked out the clearance section (of course).  I picked up this little baby in a lovely royal blue:

It’s really a maxi skirt with two long pieces on top which you can manipulate to create different looks.  Here it is all laid out at home:

The two top pieces measure about 2 1/2 yards per side, so tons of fabric.  Guess how much I got it for?

$8.76!  I know, right?!  (It was originally $35.)  You can’t buy that much cotton jersey for $8.76.

I love the royal blue color and I always get compliments when I wear that shade.  My thought was to cut off the top pieces, turn the bottom into a skirt and then do something with the top pieces (although I didn’t really know what). 
So I did.  Here’s the finished skirt:
002Didn’t Ava take a good photo?
I saw a cute little jersey cardigan that coordinates at Target, so I will head back in and snag it too.  I can just see breezing around in this skirt all summer long, adding flip flops and tank top. 

*blissful sigh*

And what did I decide to do with top two pieces?

I sewed them together and turned it into a Moby Wrap for Emma.  I think she likes it!

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

You clever girl! It looks great! Ava did do a great job w/ the camara!