Mommy Moment

The house is looking normal again.  I vaccuumed the entire first floor, finished up the 72-Hour Kits (minus a few items that I need to gather up at the stores), washed and semi-put away the laundry, helped the girls with their homework (Early?  That's nuts!), painted a few things, and made a yummy homemade dinner last night of Bacon Wrapped Chicken, roasted asparagus, grape tomatoes and pumpkin cake. 


Of course I didn't do my Bible Study homework (I tried to on two different mornings, but the moths came to the flame), the big girls clean clothes stack is now two weeks deep and not put away, I ran out of diapers for Piper the other day (cloth and disposable), every stuffed animal we own is currently on the basement floor, and I lost the camera for a significant chunk of time yesterday.


My friend Sidra posted this on Facebook and it made me smile:



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