Well, I already showed you this cutie on Thanksgiving, didn't I?

Ok, I just can't help myself. Moving on...

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year, in spite of battling illness. Lily and Emma had been sick earlier in the week, coughing and wheezing with a fever. (In fact, one night I sat up and held Emma through the night because every time she coughed she woke herself up. If I held her she would doze off again after she woke up; it's the only way she slept that night.) Elliott seemed to have gotten over the worst of it (he may have been the one to bring it home) and the other two only got a mild case.  (I started getting sick after Thanksgiving, but that's another story.)

We planned for an early dinner at Elliott's parents' house and I brought green bean casserole (my standard) and corn. I also brought the decorations I had been working on for the kids:

They were all a big hit! I think the coloring pages were the best idea; it kept them busy for quite awhile.  I decided to pack away the little Pilgrim hat holders for next year (neither Momma Kay or I could bear to throw them away). The little turkey finger puppets were only "ho-hum" but the Turkey Toes were a hit. And why wouldn't they be?! Pure sugar.

Instead of the jar I pictured earlier, I made individual baggies for each child with a fun topper (pictured above) to take home with them. They didn't last until they left. But they did make it until dessert time. Grandpa Kay was glad that there were some extras because he loves candy corn! 

All of the food was so yummy and we stuffed ourselves, as we do every year. 

For relaxation we spent some time perusing the Black Friday ads, even though I already looked at all of the ads online.  However I did learn that you could start ordering from Lowes online on Thanksgiving Day, giving you a head start on your shopping.  The one place that I was planning on doing Black Friday shopping was Lowes to pick up some storage shelving for the basement.  But I had been dreading to going out to pick them up.  And Elliott and I were having trouble figuring out how to logistically get them home.  So I got online and cheked it out - and discovered I could order them!  Woo hoo!  I ordered 4 shelving units (which was the amount I was going to buy), I had four days to pick them up allowing Elliott and I to solve our logistics dilemma, and I shopped through which gave me extra cash back in my pocket (something I wouldn't have received had I shopped in store.)  I don't think you can get better than that!


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I'm jealous of all that food! It looks so good! Your kids activities rock!

Jennifer B said...

Nice spread. Looks yummy. I love all the fun things you did. So fun. I love the Lowe's shopping. It is so awesome when things turn out like that.