Candy Cane Mice

The idea for candy cane mice didn't come from Pinterest (can you believe it?) but after I was talking about it with my friend Stephanie I did post it on there for her and others to see.  Maybe you would like to make them too!

Candy cane mice come from Martha Stewart (duh, right?) and I had cut the idea out of a magazine a bajillion years ago. 

This Christmas season I decided it was a good way to 1) use up my felt scraps and 2) create low-cost Christmas treats for Lily and Ava's preschool classmates.

The directions on how to make the mice from the Martha Stewart website are self-explanatory, so I'm not going to detail it here.  The candy canes came from Target, specifically the Wonka Sweet Tart variety that was on sale a few weeks back (not surprised are you?).  When all is said and done I think the bright colors are very cool and fitting with the felt mice.

But I did have to put my own spin on things and let the kids know who was giving them these cool treats, so I created some tags using some free scrapbooking elements and a font I had collected.

I just tied it on with some yarn I had laying around (kinda wish I had some fun twine, but alas we use what we have) and we are all done!  The girls were so excited to take them to preschool today.  Fun and practically free!

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Jennifer B said...

Very Very cute. Love the idea.