Bye Bye Nana!

A plan long in the works has now come to pass. My mom, aka Nana to the girls, has moved out. She had lived with us for the last year and become a staple of family life. She was readily available to help watch the kids, fix scrambled eggs and salads, do the laundry and anything else that needed doing. She came to all Kay family functions and was valued as an extended member of Elliott's family.

Although I tell all when it comes to my immediate family, I try to keep other family member's information private. Hence I am not going to outline Nana's story and journey here, but she has moved on to a new and exciting phase of her life and we miss her oh so much. The girls have had moments where it was difficult for them to understand Nana was not coming back (which was difficult for their mommy to see) but we are hopeful that we will be diligent in communicating via computer. I too miss my mom; in the wake of the emotional high of my family visit to the emotional low of her departure, I cried alot in the days after she left. I am happy for her though and hope to keep our relationship strong, even from afar.

 Favorite Nana activity: reading

Emma gets some last Nana cuddles

Bye bye Nana!  We will miss you!

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Jennifer B said...

So great that you were able to spend all the time but hard to see her go.