{Video} - Halloween: Elliott's Costume

The idea for Elliott's Halloween costume this year actually began germinating last year.  The brothers and sisters joked about it, "wouldn't it be so funny if...", but we didn't actually pull it together in time.  This year though was different.  Elliott started working on the costume almost three months in advance.  The brilliant idea:

Elliott went as his dad for Halloween.

Yes people, that's why he has been growing a beard.  Now, maybe this isn't too funny to the people outside out little circle, but it is hilarious!  Everyone always says how much they look alike; they even act alike and (in most cases) react alike.  So we decided to put it to the test.

His dad, Vince, always wears the same outfit to his work installing cabinets: a blue Provo Firefighter t-shirt (from his days as a paramedic) and overalls.  He has also had a mustache as long as anyone has known him - including his wife.  Momma Kay has never seen Dad without a mustache, and they've been married 40 years!  Add his glasses and (according to Momma Kay) a pencil in his overall pocket - TA-DA!

Elliott's sister Rachel helped him transform, by cutting off his beard and trimming his hair and mustache like Dad's.  (Afterall, she is Dad's hairstylist so she knows what it looks like.)

Here is his mom's reaction when she answered the door:

I am having some trouble uploading the video of his dad's reaction, so until I get it working here's pictures of the end result:

Are you rolling on the floor laughing yet???

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Jennifer B said...

That is so funny. Love it.