Halloween: The Girls

The girls' Halloween celebration started a bit early this year.  Ava and Lily's preschool class had a Halloween party / witch hunt at Gardner Village in West Jordan a few weeks ago.  So we were able to have a dress rehearsal before the big day.

Ava went as Tinkerbell (a $3 garage sale find), Lily was a princess (though she wanted to be a monster and I didn't get it done in time), and Piper was an angel.

All of the girls have now worn the angel costume:

Ava, 2007

Lily, 2008

Piper, 2011

Emma wore her pink skeleton onesie, a gift from my friend Marlo.

The girls and I had a great time at Gardner Village.

The preschool group was rather large (the morning and afternoon classses together) but all the kids stayed together.  That unto itself is an accomplishment!

Piper even found a little boyfriend for the day, a little brother of Lily's classmate.

After we went on the witch hunt and had a snack, the kids went trunk or treating in the parking lot.  Boy were they excited for the candy!

Once Halloween rolled around, we were old pros.  Emma sported her skeleton onesie again and hung out in the morning with her cousin Rose (while daddy got his beard shaved).

Halloween night we drove down to Provo so Elliott could reveal his costume, but also so the girls could trick or treat around Grandma and Grandpa's neighborhood.  We know a suprising amount of people around there, it's very child friendly, and the cul-de-sac set-ups make it very easy to navigate with little kids who tire out easily.

Emma wore our puppy costume for trick or treating.

Hmmmm...  this scene looks familiar....

 Piper and mom, Halloween 2009

Did I actually wear the same shirt?  Yes.  Yes, I did. (Well, I did wear the same Care Bears shirt to both my first and second grade yearbook photo  AND I have worn the same green t-shirt for several Christmas mornings, so I this doesn't suprise me.)  But hey let's focus on the more important point - I can fit into the same shirt!  Holla!

The girls had a good time trick or treating.  Piper dragged Nana along with her, hollering "I need more candy!" as we went house to house.  She also didn't like to stick to the "one piece of candy" rule and frequently filched at least two when a bowl of cnady was offered.  Then she would shriek "Nana, I got candy" and the cycle would repeat.  Ava and Lily gave up long before Piper was ready to quit, but majority rules in our house.

Even Emma had a great time.  Look at that smile!

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Jennifer B said...

I love the costumes. The girls are too adorable. Plus I must say I am loving your hair style. Very cute.