Piper-isms (And Another Video)

What did you learn about at Bible Study today Piper? A duck, not Jesus.

Uh oh, my hurt is bleeding.

No way Jose'!

Night night! See you tomorrow!

Jussa minute. I right back!

She has also been calling me "Mom" instead of Mommy.  (Daddy is still daddy.)

Piper & Mommy exchange at bedtime:
   You took your shirt off two times, you will wear a zip-zip (sleeper onesie). 

   No, I no wear zip-zip. 
   No Piper you WILL wear a zip-zip.  
   No, you no tell me no! 
   I WILL tell you no. You took your shirt off again, you will wear a zip-zip.
No way Jose'!

And behold, her (current) favorite phrase:

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