Girls' Update - Emma & Lily

Emma is now 7 weeks old. She gets more social every day. I already told you what a smiley baby she is, but it is full-steam ahead these days. She loves to smile! And coo. And gurgle. And tell anyone who will sit down and talk with her how happy she is. She adores interacting with people. I am constantly amazed at fast she picked up on this. She will be screaming her head off as I am trying to finish getting ready in the morning and as soon as I go over, lean down and talk to her the crying vanishes and I get a ginormous grin. Let me tell you, I am a sucker for that smile.

She has been going to bed about 8pm each night, getting up about 7am. She will sleep for about 5 hours the first stretch (she did 6 hours the other night) then up after shorter periods of time until morning. The other night she went to bed at 10pm, so her feeding was at 3am then she was up again about 6:30. I have to say, that was pretty awesome - up once and then ready for the day at 6:30. She is a better sleeper than Piper these days, who is horrible at waking up for no reason and then having trouble settling down. Grrrr!

Emma's naptimes have been developing too. She will stay up for about an hour in the morning, nap for about an hour, up again then back down for a little catnap or her long afternoon nap depending on when she woke up for the day. Her afternoon nap has been developing into the longest (for up to 3 hours) and then she will take another hour or so nap in the evening to get her through until 8pm. She is taking bottles of pumped milk well, so all in all I am getting to a point where I can confidently predict her schedule and would feel comfortable leaving her for a bit with daddy or a grandma if I had to.

The girls still love to hold her (especially Lily) and talk to her, which she is really starting to enjoy to. Usually during her "awake time" I will lay her on the floor so they can all interact. I try not to hold her too much (so she gets used to it) but enough that I don't look back on these moments and wonder why I didn't treasure the snuggles more.

See, I told you she was smiley!

Lily continues to excel at preschool and gets better each day at writing her letters.  She loves homework but is still sure she knows better than I do.  This is probably the theme of my life right now with her, as she continues to march to her own beat, devil may care what Mommy says.  I can't quite tell if she truly just lives in "la-la" land or is willfully disobedient.  I would guess it is about 75/25.  She sings and plays constantly; my mom reported to me that while I was out running errands one day with Piper and Emma during Ava's preschool (total of 2 1/2 hours) Lily either sang or talked the entire time.  The entire time.  That sums Lily up in a nutshell.

Here are a few funny Lily-isms:

When we were at the State Fair she saw a goat, um, relieving himself shall we say.  "Look, that goat is laying eggs!"

One morning I was listing off items they could eat for breakfast but after I had said something I got sidetracked mid-thought an muttered "oads...." (why?  I don't know).  "I want oads!!  I want oads!!" Lily yelled excitedly.  I wonder what she thought "oads" were.

"Nectarines come from bees because bees get nectar and make nectarines!!"

Lily is also back to taking naps three days a week.  Preschool and Bible Study days are a bit much for her with all of the activities, so I have been putting her to bed with Piper on those days (oh, bliss when I can get Emma down at the same time). One day we came home from Bible Study and I directed the girls to sit down for lunch while I made a beeline for the bathroom.  When I came out Lily was missing.  I asked my mom where Lily was and she thought she had seen her head down the hallway.  I checked Lily's room and there she was in bed, under the covers.  She told me she wanted to rest (she doesn't like the term "nap" all of the time; I guess it seems too final).  I asked her if she wanted lunch first and she told me no.  So I said OK, turned off the light and left the room.  Three hours later she reappeared.  I guess she was tired.

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