Girls Update - Ava & Piper

Ava is my number one helper these days. She is very helpful and responsible - opening doors for the stroller, cleaning up her toys, holding her sisters' hands in parking lots. She is also really creative. She loves making "books" with scrap paper. Sometimes she is copying books we own (B-I-N-G-O) or making them up. All of her drawings have enormous backstories and most of the time you can tell exactly what she drew.

5 years old today!

All three girls are actually very much into coloring these days. They use a prolific amount of paper. We get scrap paper via Elliott's work, but if we didn't have this unlimited supply I would have to insist they use coloring books (a second-rate gimick in their minds; they are not big fans of coloring books).

A few weeks ago Ava and Lily played Guess Who with Elliott and I. Ava is really good! (Lily needs a little more help, but she loves it.) I laughed so hard while we were playing, I hope to do it again soon.

As you know, Piper got her cast off last week. She is still her zany self and enjoys cracking us all up. These days she can swing from happy to whiny in .05 seconds, but we are working through it. She is such a talker, it is incredible. I have to stifle laughing at her most of the time, because she is being thoroughly serious in the most high-pitched baby voice. It is very funny.

Here are a few snippets of conversation from Piper:

Said to me: Whatcha watchin? 'Ad Men? (Mad Men) Oh, OK.

This is a conversation repeated over and over again about anything. Hence:

Who you talkin' to? Oh Daddy? OK.
or it's equivalent Who you talkin' to? Oh Daddy? I LUUUUUV Daddy!
You can pretty much replace the word "daddy" with anything. Ooohh puppies? I LUUUUUV puppies! Ooohh grass? I LUUUUUV grass!

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Jennifer B said...

I am loving these updates. Missing you all. It still makes me laugh thinking about seeing you at the Halloween trunk or treat ~ not pregnant. Good times.

The girls are so pretty.