Summertime Fun, Part One

This year, before the new baby arrives, I was determined to get out and enjoy fun summer activities and special things with the girls.  Even though they are young, I didn’t want to look back on the summer and think “did we do anything fun?”  We managed to pack alot in in the last couple of months.
Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient Life
I have been promising the girls that I would take them to the “dinosaur museum” since we moved to Utah last year.  So I made sure we went this summer.  The girls love The Land Before Time and Dinosaur Train on PBS.  And so it came as no surprise that they enjoyed the museum.  What did come as a surprise was how much they enjoyed it.

Ava.  Went.  Bonkers.  She fell madly in love with everything dinosaur, equating it back to those two shows and loving every minute of it.  We ate lunch at the cafeteria and when we were done Ava asked if we could go through it again.  When I said we couldn’t she asked when we would be coming back.  And she has been asking ever since.  So I am sure we will be going back soon.
Cedar City Outing
Every year (since we moved West) I have managed to visit Cedar City in the summer and enjoy the offerings of the Utah Shakespeare Festival.  We always make a day trip (a long day) out of it with the same agenda. 

It starts with lunch of Pastry Pub for me, something else (usually McDonalds) for the girls while we picnic on the Randall Theatre lawn and they run around on the grass and I enjoy visiting with my friend Kami.  Then childcare for the girls while I take in a matinee show.  This year I saw The Music Man, which was awesome.  The show was sold out and received a standing ovation.  It also made me want to go home and rent the movie just so I can sing along without bothering anyone.

After the matinee we usually enjoy dinner with friends or family.  This year we took pizza over to my friend Marlo’s house so I could enjoy ogling over her new baby boy and the girls could run wild in her fabulous backyard.  After dinner we head to the Greenshow, where the girls love to dance along with the performers and take in the spectacle. 

Then off to the van, where we get girls into jammies and tucked in with whatever blankets and toys they need.  They always fall asleep on the way home, making for a lovely end to the day.
I picked up a plastic pool at Wal-Mart to replace the one we left behind in Las Vegas.  It is a bit bigger than our old one, which allows all three girls to splash around at once.  Ava and Lily are the biggest fans and play nicely out there together for quite awhile before coming back inside.

Vacation Bible School
I wanted to get the girls into Vacation Bible School this year, but our church starts with Ava’s class and I wanted to take at least  two out of the three girls.  So a friend of mine told me about VBS at her church (which is actually a sister church / church plant of the one I attend) which starts with 3 year olds, so Ava and Lily could be in the same class.  “Pandamania!” was a hit and they loved learning about God and how much he loves them.

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Arts and Crafts
I got out scissors, glue sticks and old magazines for Ava and Lily one day and they were a hit.  They have now become part of repertoire.

We also made new crayons out of old ones one day.  I can’t remember how it started, but suddenly I was spending all afternoon cranking out flower-shaped crayons.  Instead of making them multi-color I kept them in the same color range.  And the silicon ice cube trays from IKEA are wonderful for making crayons.  They come in many fun shapes and the silicon makes it easy to pop them right out after they cool.
IKEA Visits
We went to IKEA a couple of times to take advantage of the one hour free play area (Ava and Lily can both go and they love it) and the yummy café afterwards.  (Of course it doesn’t hurt that mommy gets to go shopping for an hour in one of her favorite stores.)

If we go first thing in the morning they can get right in (it gets busy later in the day and they have a limit on how many children it can handle) and then we can get breakfast.  The girls love to snack on the $.99 french toast sticks while watching a movie in the kids area of the café.

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