Yummy Recipes to Share

In case your mealtime routine could use a refresher course, I thought I would share with you some yummy recipes I have made recently and loved!

Bread Machine Crescent Rolls
I made these last night to go along with Ham & Bean Soup (yes, I know it's not winter, but I had a ham bone in the freezer taking up some valuable real estate).  They were the perfect accompaniment.  So soft and light.  My mouth is drooling again thinking about them.

Semi-Homemade Salsa
I say "semi-homemade" because the base is canned tomatoes.  I ran out of self-canned salsa (can you believe it?!) and had lots of cans of tomatoes running around (from before I canned my own) so I decided to try this recipe out.  Oh boy, was it good!  I plan on using it later in the week on tacos, but Elliott and I couldn't help ourselves last night and polished off half of it (along with half a bag of chips).  If you can't have fresh from the garden, this is a pretty darn good substitute.

Ranch Potato Cubes
I have made these a couple of times now and they are always a hit.  I only make them when we have guests over because the recipe makes a larger pan than I would like to have around for just our family.  I love the simplicity (not the healthiness, mind you) of the ingredients; I usually have the items on hand.  But they can be addictive; don't say I didn't warn you!

Quickie Stickie Buns
I made these one morning because 1) I have had this recipe running around forever (I can tell by my handwriting it originated in high school) and 2) I had some time to make them while girls watched Sesame Street one morning.  If you don't have time to make full-on cinnamon rolls, try this recipe.  Under one hour and just as good when re-heated and eaten throughout the week.  I will admit that after the first day I didn't share anymore with the girls; momma needed it all to herself.

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