Mirror Makeover

I picked up this ugly girl at a garage sale for $2 last week.  Tacky plastic gold frame.  Yuck! 


But when I saw it I immediately fell in love with its potential.  Here she is now:

Nothing a coat of white spray paint and a little chalkboard paint can’t fix!  Isn’t she cute?!   I am in love.

I wasn’t sure when I got her where she would end up but I placed her near the backdoor, adjacent to our living areas.  The girls love the idea of writing messages and Ava asks me to change it out every day. (Yesterday she requested I draw a pony on it.)  I think if I were to change anything, had I known where she would end up I might have jazzed up the frame with a fun color.  But there is something extra lovely about being able to move this beauty from room to room.  Who knows, it may end up in a girl’s bedroom one day soon.


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Super cute!! The bright white really pops against the black chalkboard paint. I think it's really nice that Ava loves it too.

Tracy said...

I love it! Although I could see you later painting the frame silver or bright pink and converting it to a princess. It's very "Mirror, Mirror on the wall" if you ask me :) Lots of fun with the chalkboard messaging!