Life in Pictures


The girls love brushing their teeth!  Piper especially, who gets rather upset when you tell her she is all done.


Piper and Lily play so nicely together, especially with the large Lego blocks.  Lily loves to build giraffes.


Look closely at Piper’s legs.  She somehow managed to step into and waddle around in my canning jar lifter.


While coloring one morning the girls decided to take out all of the crayons and line them up.  Isn’t it colorful?


Lily was pretty sick a few weeks back.  One night we pulled her out of bed and cuddled with her on the couch, where she fell asleep on Elliott.  I just think she looks so sweet and peaceful.


Look at my little stair-step girls!


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

They are such dolls! Your girls are such sweeties! I really miss them!
I see you got a bench for your dining table. I remember you wanted one. It must be so nice to have with the girls.

Tracy said...

Love my sweet nieces! Thanks for sharing pics of daily's almost like I'm there :) Give them kisses from Aunt Tracy--MUAH!

Skinner Family said...

I love all these photos! :) Someday we will meet up and hang out!