Girls’ Bathroom

I know it is Christmas time and I should be showing you some Christmas decorations, but those are still a work in progress.  I have the tree up and many decorations out, but there is so much “tweaking” going on that I looked back at the Christmas decoration pictures i had already taken and realized that my home didn’t look like that anymore.  So stay tuned for those pictures!

In the meantime, I decided to show you the girls bathroom in all its plain glory.  The only reason I am posting about it here is for one fact alone – it is finished.  (The heavens opened and the Hallelujah chorus played.)  No more tweaking in here.  We are done – functional, organized, simple.  Yeah!


I put a wreath on the bathroom door.  Makes the hallway a little more festive.

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I hung three vintage watercolor Winnie the Pooh prints I got at a garage sale before Ava was born and had also hung in the girls’ bathroom in Las Vegas.  The way that I placed them on the wall makes the small room feel very tall.  I love that!  The shower curtain has been following us around for-evah.  Not girly, but the color scheme is very “me.”

The girls’ hoodie bath towels hang on the back of the door via an over the rack hook.  (Wanna make your own?  Check out my hoodie bath towel tutorial.)

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The wall opposite the Winnie the Pooh prints was blank and I had been thinking about what to place there.  So I got creative (with the help of other inspirational creative blogs, naturally) and decided to make a wall hanging for all of the girl's’ hair clips.

All I did was find a frame at the thrift store (picked this little baby up at D.I. for $3.00 and I didn’t even have to paint the frame, score!) and picked up some coordinating ribbon at the fabric store (I matched it to the shower curtain).  I cut three lengths of ribbon and stapled them in place with my staple gun.  I finished it off by stapling a length of the same ribbon to the top of the frame and hanging it from a picture hook.  Five minutes, tops.

Now we are organized and pretty, a winning combination.

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Very, very, pretty!! The colors in the prints coordinate nicely with the shower curtain. I really like the way you've hung the prints too. Great job!!