Settled in Utah

We are all settled in now.  We are renting a house in West Jordan, Utah – about 30 from downtown Salt Lake City and 45 minutes from Elliott’s parents in Provo.  So far, I am in love with it all!  Our house is perfect for our current needs and with plenty of extra room to grow and entertain, the backyard is gi-normous (with raised beds for gardening and a blackberry bush), the neighbors are super friendly, and all the amenities (and stores) I could ever want are very close by.  Elliott’s work is only 5 minutes up the road and highway access is easy.  I couldn’t be happier.  Within a few weeks of living there I found a preschool for Ava – right up the road from us!  I walk her there now on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, creating even more opportunities for her to make friends with kids in the neighborhood and for me to meet more of the moms.  Win-win!

We did get off to a little bit of a frustrating foot the first week when we had a maintenance problem I couldn’t get resolved.  Turns out though the property manager’s cell phone had gotten some sort of virus and he was not getting my messages, but as soon as he was able to get that repaired he sent the handyman out to fix it – the handyman who turns out to the be the owner of the house!  The homeowner is a lovely guy who loves to answer any questions about how the house runs and is a Mr. Fix-It (and still loved amongst the neighbors I discovered).  He’s great as is the property manager.  We are blessed.

And just because I thought you might like it, here are some pictures of our new place:
 new house 2


   open living/dining/kitchen space with plenty of sunshine



you know I am in love with this pantry!



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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

So glad everything worked out with the property manager! Hope I can come visit your lovely house someday!