Ava’s First Day of (Utah) Preschool

What a ham!  (In her favorite dress I might add)


But oh so cute!


Ava and her teacher, Ms. Rebecca


Last year Ava attended one year of 3-year-old preschool with our fabulous (and much missed) Ms. Tina.  According to the way Ava’s birthday falls into the school calendar (her birthday is October 21 and you are supposed to be 3 before September 1), Ms. Tina took her early.  She learned so much, I was so proud of her.  This year I was torn – she still would not be allowed to enter kindergarten next year in Utah due to her birthday (absolutely no wiggle room in that are in Utah as there are just too many kids) and even though Ms. Rebecca and I agreed she would be perfectly allright in either the 3-year-old class or the 4-year-old class, Elliott and I agreed it would be best not to push the envelope.

So Ava is attending 3-year-old preschool again.  But this time it is a different environment, different curriculum, different classmates.  She is in heaven!  Last year she focused more on learning skills (writing her name) and letters (a new one each week) and this year her preschool is structured more as a topical segment.  For the last month they studied “Marvelous Me!” and for the next several weeks they are focusing on colors.   She gets so excited to wear something in the color of the day and to tell us all about the things she learned at school.


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I like Avaa's short haircut. She looks adorable! I'm glad she's happy at her new preschool.

Tracy Lindley said...

Wow, Ava is cute as a button! She looks like she's having a great time and this arrangement is perfect since she's limited in moving up due to her age. Cute dress, adorable preschool and sweet-looking teacher (and gorgeous, not that it matters). I know Ava will enjoy it immensely and it's something different for her. Love you!