April 2010

Yep, almost a month with no word from the Kay camp.  For those faithful readers who check this blog every once in awhile, my humble apologies.  I have discovered that sometimes I go on a media fast and want to unplug from the world (anybody else relate?) and it seems that when these moods hit this is the first thing to go.  Oops.  But as all of our life's little events added up I started to really want to share them with you. 

This past month the girls and I took an impromptu (as in one day notice) trip up to St. George, UT to meet their Valgardson cousins halfway as they were escaping the cold of northern UT.  We had such a refreshing, relaxing, and enjoyable time!  Seriously, a highlight of the month.

In St. George we visited the Johnson Dinosaur Track Farm, a local piece of property where they discovered thousands upon thousands of dinosaur tracks only a few years ago.  Of course my girls wanted only to color at the activity station and touch the giant rocks (who wouldn't!?) that were mere inches from them behind flimsy rope barricades.  Afterwards we played in the "excavation" sandbox outside.

For the afternoon, we planted ourselves in a local park, taking advantage of the shady trees to lay out some blankets, have a picnic and let the kdis run free.  Bliss!  We became better acquainted with our new niece/cousin Clara, who Piper took a shine to immediately.

In April we also took in the Clark County Fair.  In case you didn't know this about me - I am obsessed with fairs (not to be confused with carnivals).   I am hoping to go to the Texas State Fair in September.  Something about looking at farm animals and preserves just brings me back to my Midwestern roots I suppose.  I love the fair!  This year the girls were stylin' in their sunglasses...


.. and we only lost one kid once (true story!)  Since I am a realistic person, I am sure it is but the first occurence of many to come.  Elliott captured this shot of me, Ava, and Lily (which is probably why people think we are just so cute).


He also captured this more realistic touchstone.  The conversation probably went something like this: Ava - I want to be carried.  Me - You had better start walking because I am not carrying you.  Ava - (starting to whine) WHY?????   Me - (low threatening voice) A-va K-ay.....     You get the drift.

Lily really wanted to see the chickens and the bunnies.  She was not disappointed.

For my birthday on the 22nd, Elliott brought home cupcakes which we all enjoyed immensely.  I also got my birthday wish - a composter.  Yep, turning more into a pioneer every day!

The girls love to read with Daddy.  Even Piper is getting into it these days.

This would be an even more excellent daddy/daughter picture if Lily wasn't having an utter meltdown at this moment (which maybe only I can tell, who knows).

Ava loves to do everything by herself, for herself, and on my behalf.  Here she insisted on holding Piper (who wasn't really into it).  She wants to feed Piper, pick her up, etc.  In time Ava, in time.

Ava is doing very well at school.  She is almost done with her first year of preschool and she has progressed so much.  She can write her letters, often unprompted and in the right order.  She likes to try and actually write words if I spell them for her, like mom, dad, Piper, and Lily.  And she does a darn good job too!  Now they are starting to recognize basic math, like counting up objects, etc.  I can't wait for next year and I am sure she can't either.  And she loves to play dress-up and insists I take her picture in every outfit.

Lily continues to chug along.  My little bruiser is still completely unphased by her tooth-chipping incident, enduring a couple dental visits with gusto and unbothered by a discolored tooth.  She has started to take more interest in Piper and will get down and talk to her.  She has also really picked up the knack for pretending, which is adorable.  Yesterday she kept telling me she was "drinking her coffee" for lunch.  (Sorry Lily for not taking more pictures of you.  You are a hard one to get to hold still and smile.)

Piper turned 8 months old this month.  She has quickly moved through the crawling phase, straight into cruising and is trying desperately to walk.  She hasn't figured it out just yet, but she is bold.  She will climb up my leg, then let go of one hand while holding precariously to my pants with the other.  She will hold your hands and walk from one end of the house to the other.  She just loves it!  She is also completly undeterred by her sister's trying to keep things from her.  She just climbs over them (literally!) in her quest to reach something.  I am sure that will do her well later in life.


Babette said...

Thank you so much for the fantastic update! As a frequent visitor to your blog I LOVE the adorable pictures you added of your beautiful family!

Nancy Aingworth said...

You've captured the most adorable expressions on each girl's face -- an achievement in itself! Ah, the fair! It's wonderful that the girls are exposed to so many new and interesting things in their young lives. You're such a good Mommy! And Elliott is a wonderful Daddy to read to his adoring girls. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

We took Grant to the same dinosaur place in Utah when we moved here. Much to my disapointment he doesn't remember it at all. Maybe we'll go back sometime.
The picture of you scoldong Ava is cute-keepin' it real! It's a big part of motherhood that is for sure!
I love watching your adorable girls grow up right in front of me. It's amazing how fast it happens! Ava was a newborn yesterday and now she is spelling her name! How did that happen?!