Our Month of March

Elliott's friend Dave came to visit for a week from Texas and his friend Verle drove down from Utah for the weekend.
They let the girls and I tag along on a trip to the Bellagio.  We put Dave to work.

The girls liked the water show at the Bellagio, although Ava held her ears the entire time.

I think we wore Dave out!

Grandma and Grandpa Kay also stopped by on their way to catch a cruise ship in San Diego for Grandma's birthday.  So we decorated a bit for her and celebrated for a few hours before they had to move on.

During Dave's visit all three girls got sick in rotation.  Lily was so feverish and tired one day that after asking for crackers and a drink, she promptly keeled over and fell asleep on the couch.

But she felt better soon!

Lily's favorite activity is to put together puzzles.  All of the puzzles we have are 24 pieces meant for ages 3+.  As you can see, our 2 year old is ahead of the game!  (She can do them herself; I did not help her with this puzzle.)

We also put some work into the backyard (more pictures to come).  OK, Bob our handyman did the work.  But Piper (and the other girls) liked to watch him.

The moment I left Lily unsupervised too long in the transitional (i.e. dug up) backyard resulted in this.  (Side note - doesn't she look so old in this picture?)

I rescued a dollhouse from the neighbor's trash and brought it home.  It is so much bigger than I originally thought and the girls love it!
Even Piper loves it!

Speaking of Ms. P, she continues to grow.  She can now crawl the entire house and sit up on her own...

..loves her jumper...

..and even learned to pull herself up.  Yep, at seven months!  It started with the kid picnic table bench...

... and just kept going.  Now she routinely pulls herself up in her crib, the couch and the blue toybox (which is how she progressed to the TV cabinet) 

Piper can now also hold her own in the bathtub with the other girls and loves to be part of the action.

She even thinks she's big enough top climb out of the tub on her own. I set her straight on that one.

In a stroke of genius (I think) we moved the queen guest bed into the girls bedroom and put them together in it.  They love it!  (Don't they look small in there?)  So I sold the toddler bed and crib.  (Don't worry, when I need something for Piper in a couple of years I will start hunting down deals but I didn't want to store it for a that long.)

Lily chipped her front tooth (I think by falling hard on the laminate flooring) but it didn't phase her in the slightest and we are going to the dentist later this week to get a professional opinion and perhaps file it down a bit.

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Ashley said...

That picture of all the girls in the bath melts my heart! So sweet!