Advent Day #1

{December 1}: Put up Christmas decorations

This year I decided to put up a Christmas tree. Last year we didn't since we had a crawler and a toddler, but it was just not the same. So much less festive. So I bit the bullet and pulled it out this year. (Only took three days to convince Lily not to pull off the ornaments!) The girls helped me put it together and decorate it (Ok, so I reorganized the ornaments after they went to bed so they covered more of the tree than the lower two branches.)

Beyond the family room with the fireplace and Christmas tree, the decorations are rather sparse. I did put some fun wrapping paper in frames which normally hold family photos (they will return after Christmas) and a wreath on the front door. But we don't have a whole lot of decorations, and many are glass balls which I will not be using with the kids running around. (I did see a blog idea though that uses the glass balls as the base for papier mache', so stay tuned for that craft; I plan to try it.)

Assembling the Christmas tree

Helping with the lights

Putting on the ornaments (plastic!)

The finished product (a rather unimpressive photo)

Our mantel decorations

I love my Christmas ornament wreath! I had been reading all about them on decorating blogs, so I made my own using a bucket of plastic ornaments from Wal-Mart and a clothes hanger.

Family photos replaced with fun Christmas wrapping paper


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

The girls look so cute in their jammies!
I really like the ornament wreath.
The colors are great.

FindSavings said...

Love the wreath idea! I will have to take a trip to Walmart too! I have a 10 month old and a yellow lab, so with the tree this year, we started hanging the ornaments a bit higher so neither could gnaw on them.