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As you can tell, blogging has not been a priority of late. Oh Sarah, it's not like you've had anything else to do. Ha ha! But I do enjoy posting our adventures here for you to read and for me to record for posterity.

Piper continues to grow at a rapid pace. At almost 2 months I have already put away all of her newborn clothing and pulled out the 3 month pieces. How sad! She is starting to fill out, especially her face, and looking a little more solid each day. When she is awake she is very alert. She grins broadly in recognition at you (something she started at about 4 weeks), gets wiggly and is vocal at your presence and attention; she even recognizes and adores her sisters. Her favorite position is sitting up while supported and will fuss while being held in other positions until you adjust her. She also wants to be held or paid attention to whenever she's awake (something I am simply not able to do all of the time and a practice I have not encouraged) and gets upset when it doesn't happen.

Ava loves her role as little mother and you will hear her say "It's ok Piper" when the baby is crying or bring me burp cloths for "when she spits up." She loves preschool and being Ms. Independent, by choosing her clothes each day and getting herself dressed. She has been asking to use the potty more often BUT we have also figured out it is usually a stall tactic when she doesn't want to do something like take a bath or take a nap (even though she usually does end up going potty!). She likes to rhyme (Fox. Box. That rhymes!) and ask pointed questions (Is Piper asleep or awake? Is the door open or shut?) We are convinced she will be our little lawyer because she has a reason and justification for everything. The other night I was trying to explain to her why we were all done with "baby blanket cuddles" and when everything else failed her she played this card "But I just need loves." *My heart dropped* What do you say to that besides 'yes'? Seriously! She has also started getting really sassy with me and I am trying to figure out what to do about that. Hmmm...

Lily is a little rougher in her behavior towards Piper than Ava, but tries to be loving and helpful with kisses and by pushing the swing. Unfortunately Piper's presence has also really started to affect Lily in the last couple of weeks. She has become more attached, more needy, more emotional. The pediatrician has always told me that kids take out their frustration on the mommy rather than the new baby and I think Lily is doing so with me. The meltdowns happen with more intensity and frequency than they ever have before and she fluctuates rapidly between being a sweet girl and a crying mess of slobber. Elliott and I do our best to reassure her and shower her with attention, but it just seems like something she will have to work out.

Lily is talking more and more and usually ends her sentences with "mummy" or "daddy". For example "a plane mummy, a plane!" or "sissy's shoes, daddy; sissy's shoes". Most of the time she talks a blue streak and you can catch the last word - "blah blah blah blah blah breakfast mummy`". Even though Ava can sometimes play a little too rough with Lily, Lily adores her sister and has started turning to her for hugs when she falls down or hurts herself in some way. "Hugs sissy, hugs" she'll cry and get up to go claim them. Too, too precious!

In family news...

We are looking forward to another weekend trip to Utah in a couple of weeks (to coincide with Ava's third birthday). The last one in September (for Piper's baby blessing) was a full weekend and a thoroughly enjoyable one. Hey - I even brought my kitchen knives up with me and took them to be sharpened at a local store, so I say it was a productive trip! This time I hope to visit with some friends I haven't seen in awhile.

A couple of weeks ago the girls and I started going to "Toddler Time" on Wednesday at a church down the street. Since Music Makers wasn't happening any more this year, this will be our replacement. We sing songs, have a Bible story (which I love!) and then a craft. It is a start-up outreach program from a Lutheran church-plant and is taught by the young pastor's young wife. I think it will be a really good thing for us all!

I tried my hand at canning some new peach products this year with disastrous results. Both recipes - freezer jam and peach butter - did not turn out like they should. Grrr! But I last month left Utah with a bushel of peaches and half bushel of pears and canned them as normal fruit, so I am looking forward to enjoying them this winter.

I am gearing up to get back in the swing teach coupon classes with Grocery Smarts soon. I had put myself on maternity hiatus until October, but an opportunity presented itself to teach a class the last of September. I was a bit rusty, but I think it went OK. Elliott was a trooper, smoothly handling all three girls. Go dad! I have a few scheduled for October, but I honestly need to ramp it up.

We are enjoying the fall weather here in Vegas and have had the A/C off for weeks now. The cool breezes are lovely and the girls actually request to go outside on occasion. Friday they enjoyed laying in the empty wading pool looking at the sky. This week I even pulled out all of the fall/winter clothes and put away all of the summer/outgrown clothes. What a process, but I am ecstatic that it's done.

Don't forget Elliott's birthday tomorrow - make sure to send him a note on Facebook, a phonecall, or an email!

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Babette said...

Wow! So great to hear how all of you are doing! Glad the girls are growing and healthy:)

Happy Birthday to Elliot!!!!!