OK, so I maybe there will be more posts. Ha ha! Here are some random snapshots of our life that I wanted to post:

The girls enjoyed our trip to Cedar City for the day on Monday and posed like pros when I pulled the camera out. What hams - but they smiled at the same time! Yeah!

Is it wrong that I have been failing so miserably in the kitchen lately while trying to feed the kids, that these plates looked so pretty and nutrious for dinner tonight (cucumbers and broccoli courtesy of grandma's garden and fish sticks courtesy of Target) I had to take a picture and post it with pride. PLUS - they ate it all!! Yeah!

Awhile back Ava had her hand on my belly and felt Piper kicking. Ever since then she "feels" Piper kicking every time she touches my stomach. The other day I asked Elliott to grab the camera to record her reaction to Piper "kicking", which I think is hilarious. What you get is an added bonus of what camera-hogs my girls are (and how big I am these days).


Babette said...

Your girls are awesome! Can't wait to meet Piper in person:)

Tracy Lindley said...

I LOVE IT!!! Piper come soon, we want to see you :)
Love, Aunt Tracy