Last Post from a Family of Four

The other day it struck me that I have already achieved an American standard of excellence - the family of four. Four. And now we are ready to move on to being a family of five. I can't even believe it! This will probably be my last post as a family of four (unless something amazing happens in the next week that I have to share with you.)

Based on how things have been progressing through the end of this pregnancy, my midwife and I have decided it would be OK to induce labor next Friday morning, August 14. I will only be 6 days from my due date and Piper is so strong and healthy that everything should go smoothly. In fact, I requested the induction. I am done. Done. Trying to take care of the other two while dealing with a very powerful child in utero is doing me in. I am looking forward to drugs and 24 hours in the hospital as a form of vacation at this point!

Elliott's parents will be here to help take care of the girls while I am in the hospital and then his mom is going to stay at least a week afterwards to help us get back on our feet. I can't even tell you how much I am looking forward to homecooking - for both myself and the rest of my family. I have been failing miserably in this area the past few weeks - a combination of heat, apathy, lack of appetite and physical exhaustion. I feel badly for the girls - who seem to be relegated to fish sticks, macaroni and cheese, PB&J's, or chicken nuggets - and Elliott, who has to eat whatever I feel like eating at night, which is usually something from a fast food place. Oh well, at least the house is clean. Ha ha!

Today is a very cool day for Las Vegas, a normal summer day in other parts of the country; it's only a high of 90. It was in the 70's when I got up this morning, so I opened up the house and aired some of the stuffiness out of the house. Tomorrow too should be gorgeous and I am looking forward to it immensely. The girls and I took advantage this morning by going to the park, then coming home and playing with bubbles in the backyard (which Jack loved most of all). I have been trying to spend more quality time with them this week, slowing down and taking in all of the small moments. I feel that Lily can sense something is coming (Ava already knows about the baby coming next week) as she has been extra clingy and wanting to have you play or read to her all of the time. If animals can, why can't she?

Last Friday I had a bit of an accident and sliced through my middle finger. Actually, the fingernail protected the finger pretty well, but because I sliced through the fingernail there was nothing to be done (a diagnosis from Lizzie's next door neighbor, an ER nurse). So plenty of blood (and a bit of panicking on my part) later, it is on the mend. It has taken awhile, just now reaching a point where it doesn't bleed unless I smash it in some way, but it is solidly on the way to recovery. I am feeling much better about the situation, as I was very worried about being impaired with a new baby, but have now learned how to work around it. It will leave one heck of a scar though, which should match the scar on my thumb from a similar kitchen mishap. Yeah!

I have wrapped up all of my coupon class follow-ups this past week and have been focusing on my home-based to-do list. Elliott has been working so much lately that I am looking forward to having him home on Saturday to help move around furniture and put the finishing touches on baby arrangements. I am also looking forward to a dinner sans children that evening, to get a bit more quality time with Elliott (and I am looking forward to some quality time with myself, on Sunday for a prenatal massage - yeah)!

I am sure there are other thoughts rattling around in my brain, but I can't think of anything right now. So I will just include a few of my favorite snapshots from this past Saturday; doesn't this look like a nice way to start the weekend?:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! I vote for an August 14 delivery as it is my birthday! Of course, its not all about me, I think you need a little break too ;-) Will be thinking of you at the end of the week. Say hello to Elliot for me! You look fab!

-Michael Ibrahim