Update from Sarah

I figure that after volumes of what the little girls are up to, I would take a moment to write a few things on my behalf. I have a life too (I think).

Elliott and I are enjoying the lack of summer TV, freeing up lots of time to catch up on movies via Netflix. I have also taken advantage of some free Redbox movie codes as well, so we have been running through movies like mad around here. Better late than never! So far we have watched the last two Bond movies (so-so), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Elliott and I agree that we couldn't figure out how to feel about the movie but by the end we wanted to go hug our girls), Revolutionary Road (a Sam Mendes-directed movie which really made me think), and Valkyrie (we really enjoyed this one). There are of course a few glut movies thrown in there too, but in the line-up for our viewing pleasure this week we have the The International and Defiance. Yeah! And we even have a date night lined up for this Saturday, so maybe we will actually try to take in a new release in the movie theater, like the new Star Trek or Transformers.

Even though the TV season has wound down the return of one of our favorites is here: So You Think You Can Dance. We love this show! The last couple of weeks they have profiled the audition process and last night was Week 1 of the actual competition. Elliott and I agreed that overall we were highly impressed at the talent level for Week 1. These are some talented people! Can't wait to see what new dances they come up with each week!

The little girls have been enjoying the watermelon season, even though Elliott doesn't like watermelon and I am allergic. The funny thing though is that when I was pregnant with Ava I could eat watermelon with no allergic reaction. I was quite excited to see if this held true for the third baby, but alas no. I am still allergic and am forced to watch Lily and Ava enjoy it without me. We have been eating smoothies together though, and we are all enjoying that.

Just a couple of months left to go for Baby #3! Time has really flown by the last few weeks. Overall I feel pretty well, but I do get more tired every day. I am back to taking a few naps (something I only do the first trimester) and just trying to keep the pace slower. Even though the weather has been unusually mild here in Las Vegas the past couple of weeks I get really hot and am grateful that Elliott doesn't give me a hard time by how low the thermostat it set. I try to be conscience of the energy bill and keep it up as high as I can, but there are simply moments where I get too hot and give in. I also love ceiling fans, they are my lifesaver!

The baby moves more and more all of the time and I am excited for her to get bigger and for Elliott to be able to feel her freely too. There are moments where he has felt her, but the bigger she gets the easier it will be for him. We have settled on a first name for her: Piper. We are still debating a middle name, but it has been fun to refer to her by name and see her personality developing.

A couple of pregnancy side notes: I can't keep up with my growing fingernails! I seem to clip them all of the time. I know this is normal, but I am finding it highly annoying. And the time is soon coming for my final craving (I have it every time) - ice chewing. Elliott and I joke about this but it doesn't matter what weather season I am in, I never chew ice except the last six weeks of my pregnancy. Now that it is even hotter out, the time may be coming sooner than that. I actually went out of my way to go to Sonic the other day so I could get a yummy drink then eat the pebble ice. Ha ha! Oh well, if that's the worst I have it there is no complaining.

I have really been enjoying the beginning of summer though, with the slowdown in schedules. I never even thought we were that busy (and in the scheme of things we aren't) but with no where to be at no particular time is such a treat and I am taking full advantage for myself as well. In the past couple of weeks I have caught up on so many little projects (like writing in the girls' baby books and filing paperwork) as well as bigger projects, like piecing a quilt together for Piper and actually finishing a novel. It makes me feel so good to have a little bit of Sarah-time before Piper comes along, and to watch Ava and Lily play together nicely and not worry as much about them. Yesterday we went to a local park for a picnic lunch and I enjoyed sitting on a bench the entire time while they played independently. That is such a treat, seeing as Lily is just now hitting this phase and I am taking in every minute of it.

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