A Little Trip

As I alluded to in my last post the girls and I hit the road last month for a trip to see family (poor Elliott had to stay home and work - boo!). The main purpose of the trip was to see my new nephew Levi Michael Lindley, my sister Tracy's first child. The girls and I drove to Utah, where they stayed with their Grandma and Grandpa Kay for the time that I travelled to Missouri.

Levi is such a good baby and I had a great time visiting with Tracy, her husband Matthew, family and friends. Here are some pictures of the little guy:

Levi and his daddy

Levi and his mommy

Ah! I love the lovin'!

Levi Michael Lindley

Levi and I have a little chat
I was able to be there for Levi's baby dedication at church, which was very special, and to see my dad for the first time since Tracy's wedding in 2004. I even got to visit with my cousin Becky, who I haven't seen since 2000 (I think).

After five days away from the girls I was ready to see them again (I hadn't been away from them before) and they were excited to see me. My welcome at the airport was quite fun, with Ava wanting lots and lots of hugs while in her carseat and Lily wanting to hold my hand. Ah! Yes, I basked in it. Overall the girls were quite good for Grandma and Grandpa, though Lily had a couple of rough nights (one she missed me and one she was sick). Ava had a great time exploring the new activities at Grandma's house and didn't miss me so much I think. They also got to spend lots of time with their cousins and really enjoyed the novelty of grass and big backyards. I wish I had some pictures of them enjoying the swingsets, but my camera ran out of battery and I forgot the charger (oops!)

All in all we had a GREAT time visiting with everybody, but after 10 days we were ready to go home and see daddy (and he us). The reunion for the girls was just exuberant and I think it made Elliott's day - just squeals and shrieks all around. The girls couldn't get enough hugs! I suppose that reaction made it all worthwhile.

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