What have we been up to?

Three big things happened this past week. First, we got some of the front walk planted. Yeah! Elliott was a gem and helped me dig up the first half of the sidewalk last Sunday (I just had to recognize my limitations and asked for his help), so Monday I went and bought some good dirt and veggies/herbs - two tomato plants, basil and rosemary. (Not a great picture, but the plants are still little so you can't see them all too well anyway.) I want to also plant one green bean and one cucumber, but I can't find full grown plants for these right now and it's too late to start from seed. So I still have a couple of spots open. I saw some pea plants at Wal-Mart and I have also contemplated planting some peppers. So I am giving it another week while I wait to see what type of shipments the nurseries get in the next few days. I love how it looks and it is SO satisfying to have it done. I am not sure I have a green thumb or that I gave the plants enough room, good soil, enough sun, etc. So this is all experimental. Stay tuned!

Second, Lily got some of her back molar teeth in. Poor little girl is so miserable right now! She is extra, extra clingy with both Elliott and I and she is pretty whiny throughout the day. It is trying on me, but I keep trying to remind myself that she just doesn't feel good. She didn't have any sort of an appetite almost all of last week, but it has picked up a bit, thank heavens. She continues to turn into a "big girl" right before our eyes, much to Elliott's chagrin. She stopped crawling altogether last week, walking everywhere! She also claps her hands along with you and LOVES to play peek-a-boo. Here's a little video of her enjoying her favorite game:

And third - Ava's big accomplishment this week was (drumroll please...) - learning to open doors! We don't have the lever style door handles in our house, so she has had a difficult time in opening doors, which we have enjoyed. However, she figured it out this week, starting with the front door. Talk about making us nervous! I first discovered she knew this trick when Josh & Lizzie and family were leaving after Sunday family dinner last week and I heard Ava announce "I outside with Xander." When I got around the checking up on her, sure enough she had let herself out the front door and was hanging out on the sidewalk with Xander. Elliott discovered she knew how to open the door when one night she announced "I need to go see the moon" and proceeded to let herself out the front door. Even though it does make me nervous, I know she can't undo locks yet and definitely doesn't know how to undo the deadbolt, so Elliott and I just need to make sure we are diligent in keeping the front door locked.

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