Growing Up

Ava has officially reached a new milestone - the "why?" phase. It started out innocently enough and now it has bloomed into a full-fledged obsession, with none of you answers being the correct one until you break down and say "because I said so".

Whatcha doing' mommy? I'm calling daddy. Why you calling daddy? Because I want to talk to him. Why you want to talk to him. Because I want to say hi. Why you want to say hi? Because I want to. Why you want to? ......... and it goes on and on.

Lily too has reached a milestone - standing up for herself against Ava. The other night Lily had gotten hold of a sippy cup and was enjoying a drink. Ava decided she wanted it and came over to try and take it. Lily held on for dear life, giving Ava a run for her money. When Ava finally wrestled it away you would've thought it was the end of the world for Lily. She rolled over onto her face and screamed bloody murder. And today I was wrestling the girls during a meeting of my Bible Study leaders and my friend Cheryl was entertaining Lily with her cell phone. Again, Ava decided that she wanted to look at it and came over to take it. Lily tried desperately to move away so Ava couldn't grab it, but to no avail. One of these days though, Lily will win.

Lily also tries to dodge Ava's "loving touch." When she sees Ava coming her way she tries to move; when Ava tries to hold her hand or give her a hug Lily sidles away or falls to the ground to avoid her. It is quite amusing to watch Lily come into her own and take measures to do what she wants (or doesn't want Ava to do).

Ava must be going through a growth spurt, as she has been sleeping very late in the mornings (one day I had to wake her up at 1pm). Honestly I am overjoyed to get the extra alone time with Lily or quiet time to myself if Lily has gone back down for a nap. She also frequently asks for "cuddles" and is becoming quite physically affectionate, also requesting big hugs and kisses. I suppose we are making up for some sort of lost time when she was a baby, as she was not at all a cuddler when she was younger (much to Elliott's dismay).


Lisa Shatzer said...

My mom still remembers the very shocked look on my face the first time my little sister told me "no" instead of doing whatever I wanted her to do. :)

Tracy Lindley said...

Oh, I love milestones! And good for Lily, you go girl! Love the stories, never enough of them :)