Week in Review

Now that it is the end of the week, I breath a lovely sigh. This week was indeed lovely. Monday I caught up on alot of paperwork at home, so that Tuesday we were able to go out and play a little bit. The girls and I went down to Henderson (i.e. the other side of town for us) with my friend Lisa to hit a couple of fabric stores and enjoy a nice lunch at a great Mexican restaurant. The salsa was so yummy; I really wish the restaurant was closer! That night I taught a Grocery Smarts class while Elliott stayed home and took care of everything else.

Wednesday I decided we needed to catch up on alot of housework, especially when Elliott asked when I was doing laundry next. Boy, what a productive day! I opened up the house and aired it out, enjoying the 72 degree weather. Six loads of laundry, all of the hand-dishwashing in the kitchen, cleaning out the fridge, and the kitchen counters completely cleared and scrubbed. Even Elliott noticed how clear everything was "it looks so much bigger!". We treated ourselves for all of the work to dinner at On the Border (yes, I am really on a Mexican food kick at the moment!). Yum! I must also tell you how good the girls were that day too. Ava played nicely by herself all day, with no whining spells - or SUGAR via juice or snacks! - and Lily too found ways to keep herself entertained. It almost felt like the perfect day - well-behaved, autonomous children; a clean house; projects done; fresh breezes; and dinner not prepared by me. Yep, that might be the perfect day.

Thursday, once again we stayed home. Vacuuming, ironing, dusting. Ah, the house is coming together. Amazing what I can do when I have two whole days with no need to leave the house. That night I also decided to tackle another taxing chore - bathtime for the girls. Seriously, some people enjoy this time of day and believe me the memories of my daughters' joy while splashing around is enjoyable. However, I find it completely exhausting! Lily will not sit down, Ava likes to "help" bath Lily by dumping water on her head, and they both splash up a storm. I know, I know - I enjoyed splashing and playing in the tub as a kid. But wow, what a lot of work! Needless to say bathtime is not relaxing for mommy.

Friday we headed out for another day of shopping and lunch with Lisa. Yeah, yeah, I know. But I worked hard the last two days, right? Don't worry, we only hit Target for some essentials:(socks for Elliott) and birthday presents for Lily (new jammies, book), as well as a yummy candle for mommy (Tropical Mango) that I used a gift card for. Afterwards we went to Mimi's Cafe' with a 2-for-1 coupon, so all in all some pretty cheap fun.

Tonight I am headed out for some girlfriend time after putting the girls to bed, which is much needed and deserved (per Elliott). Yeah!


Elliott said...

Wife gone for a girls' night out = a free night at home playing poker for me. WIN-WIN!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived in Vegas--I LOVE bathtime!!! We have such fun with the five Carlson kids we babysit though I agree that after 5 baths I was a bit exhausted too (but then I again I don't do it all the time). I am so jealous of you being able to eat Mexican food--everything gives me heartburn anymore. But after this baby comes, I'm going out for some La Mesa and splurging on the cheese sauce--yum! I'm glad you've been able to be so productive, it feels so good! Must be that 2nd trimester energy kicking in :)
Love, Tracy