Another Kay baby is on the way!

Well, I suppose this would count as our official announcement:

We are expecting our third child in August! Elliott and I are completely over the moon about it. The first trimester was a breeze compared to my other two children (especially when I hear about what some other women go through). I have been mostly extremely tired, but not nauseous. Sometimes the housework seemed to suffer, but we have mustered through.

I confess that when we found out we were expecting again (right before Christmas) the first thing I did was put up lots of freezer meals. And I do mean first thing - Sunday, take a pregnancy test; Monday and Tuesday, put up freezer meals. I remembered how tough mealtimes were with my other pregnancies so I wanted to be a little more prepared. They have come in really handy over the past few months. And now I have also been invited to join my freezer group full-time (you may have remembered I subbed for them in the past) so we will be really stocked up with meals now, taking a bit of the pressure off. That has been a real blessing!

Ava hasn't been told yet. I think that when I start to get so big that she notices on her own, then we will tell her. But since every day she repeats something five million times, I really don't feel like hearing "you having a baby, mommy?" for the seven months. Can you blame me? But I have been so grateful for Ava's self-sufficiency over the past several months. She really likes to take care of me ("Your tummy hurt? Can I kiss it?") and can even help me take care of Lily a bit. One day I hear Ava holler from the other room while I was laid out on the couch "Lily spit up!" so I hollered back, come and get a washcloth to clean it up. She knows where the washcloths are in the kitchen, so she came and got one and cleaned up the spit-up. She is such a great helper.

We already get asked "are you hoping for a boy?" and we will be happy of course either way. This pregnancy has been so different thus far that it leads us to wonder if indeed it will be a boy, but many a friend has said their pregnancies were different and they had two girls (or two boys as you will). Of course, we already have all the girl paraphernalia. And my sisters-in-law have tons of boy stuff. So either way we are covered. A happy, healthy baby is all we are looking forward to. (And for those of you keeping track, that will be three under three.) Yeah!


Skinner Family said...

Congrats! When I found out our number 3, I freaked out too. Not with freezer meals... just freaked out. Now I don't know how I ever thought I'd only have two! So glad for my third!

mub said...