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The other day I was thinking that it had been awhile since I had posted an update on our life. Then I thought "nothing exciting has happened!" But today I realized, so what? I am pretty sure most of the other stuff I post here isn't the most exciting either, but it is who we are. So without further ado...

Elliott and I have been enjoying a few more date nights lately, which is a big improvement over the zero date nights we had been having. Ha ha! We have been swapping babysitting with both Josh & Lizzie, as well as our neighbors Ashley & John. We try to make it easy by going out after the kids go to bed, so usually Elliott and I plan on a late dinner followed by a drink somewhere. But last Saturday we actually went out in the afternoon while Lizzie watched the girls. Not being overly excited about any particular movie, we decided to just head to the Strip to do some people watching. Boy, time sure flew by for us as we hit a few different casinos but we finally ended up in a lounge at the MGM Grand to see what people would walk by.

Usually later in the evening is a really fun time to see what people have in mind when they try and "dress up." But this particular afternoon Elliott and found it highly amusing that the ratio of "pretty people" to "average joes" was totally off. The Consumer Electronics Show was in town and everyone in the casino that early evening was either a vendor or a customer. So, needless to say, the "average joes" were out in higher numbers. So high in fact that I think there was only one other female customer in the lounge besides me. Just an amusing anecdote of our life. We thought it was funny anyway.

I suppose that the other highlight of last week was that we hit the local casino buffet for Sunday brunch with a 2-for-1 coupon. Have I ever told you how much I love Sunday brunch? Love it! What's not to love? All you can eat pancakes, biscuits and gracy, bacon, and so many other goodies. Speaking of all you can eat pancakes, we might be hitting up IHOP this weekend for their new promotion. Mmmm....

As for the girls, they continue to grow up so fast. Ava has become more dramatic than ever. She has started throwing herself on the floor or banging her head on the door, then crying out "I fell down!" or "I hit my head!", all of which she perpetrates herself. She is extra sweet though too, loving to dole out kisses very liberally and cuddle up with you on the couch.

Lily's vocalizing is also getting better. Yesterday she started mimicking "uh-oh" when we would say it to her. So funny! So we spent the entire day saying "uh-oh" back and forth to each other. She sleeps better at night too. She still gets up once, usually around 12:30am, but after a quick bottle she's back out. The past few days she thinks 6am is when it is time to rise and shine, but hopefully this too shall pass.

Well, that's life here on this front. Elliott and I will be enjoying another lovely date night dinner this evening sans girls (yeah sushi, here we come!) and the weather this weekend is supposed to be lovely, so hopefully we will also get to the dog park like we did last Sunday.

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mub said...

Your date nights sound like a lot of fun! We might've trudged right past each other on the strip too *L*