Sleeping Together (not that kind!)

The girls are officially bunked together in the same room. Lily's sleeping has taken a turn for the better. We let her cry it out for the past few nights and in the process discovered that the cry around 12:30-1am is indeed a hungry cry. The rest of the night she will sleep with no problem; in fact after feeding her we don't hear from her until morning. As such we decided to tackle the next step - getting both Ava and Lily to sleep in the same room. We had to do it sometime and with Thanksgiving company coming soon, now seemed as good a time as any.

Last night was the first night we tried it. I put Lily down and then left for a meeting, leaving Elliott to try to finish the task of getting them to sleep at the same time in the same room. He reported that Lily was up like a shot as soon as he walked in the dark room with Ava, which was surprising to us both since when Lily slept in the office she would sleep right through our computer use. So when I came home Elliott was juggling two awake, albeit sleepy, children. I got Ava back down then started to soothe Lily. I took her back into the girls' bedroom where Ava's little head popped right up. I said "lie down Ava" and she did, just watching as I rocked and nursed Lily in the dark. As I lay Lily down in bed Ava said something to me but I just said "go to sleep Ava. Night night" and left. That was the last I heard until 12:30, when I awoke to Lily's hungry cries; Ava however didn't and slept right through my nursing session in her bedroom. At one other point in the night Lily cried out but once again Ava alept through it. This morning they were up at the same time, 7:30ish, which is a bit earlier than Ava normally gets up but oh well.

I am reassured by last evening's events and heartened that we CAN DO IT! Tonight I think the plan is to keep Lily up, sleepy as she may be, until Ava is ready for bed (which is usually only about 1/2 hour after Lily). I think Lily will be so sleepy that she will just sleep right through putting Ava to bed, hopefully avoiding what happened last night. We'll keep you posted!


Babette said...

Yes you can! Yes you can! You can do it:) Good job on getting them started in the same room!! Keep me posted:)

Elliott said...

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO happy to have my office back!!!