I am one of "those"

The media have been incredulously reporting on the amount of undecided voters, wondering out loud how it can be this close to the election and people can still be undecided. Hello, my name is Sarah and I am undecided.

I know who I will not be voting for (due the public nature of this blog and my desire to NOT receive anybody else's political musings I will not reveal candidate's names) but I have been nervous about voting for the other main party candidate. Unhappy with 100% of either candidates platforms, etc. I am more and more inclined to vote third party along with Elliott, to take a stand and say we need more than a two party system. If I lived in a state where it would obviously be a Republican vote or a Democratic vote it would be easier for me to "throw away" my vote to the third party. However, Nevada is a hot battleground state with McCain, Palin, and Michelle Obama campaigning here today for my vote.

This morning, thanks to Good Morning America, I am getting closer to deciding. They had an interactive screen which showed various scenarios for electoral votes based on which states went either blue or red. That right there is what I needed to help me make a decision, which I will be thinking over today. Good thing I have another 24 hours.



Skinner Family said...

Bradlee has said... Vote for the lesser of two evils.... I understand... I try not to express who I'm voting for either.

Jennifer B said...

As we talked about today, I totally agree with you on this point. =(