Updates in Our Furnishings

Can you find the queen bed in the picture? Hint: it is not the bed in the center of the room. In an attempt to get the guest bed out of the garage to free up more space to manuever around the car, we figured out that a queen bed on its side is the exact length of a king size bed (which we have in our room). So on Sunday Elliott and I moved the guest bed into our room where it became - our headboard! Eventually I will make a nice slipcover for it, but that will just have to go on the "to-do" list for now. OK, so it is a little tacky BUT nobody will see it but us; it is super comfy to lean against to watch TV or read; and Ava LOVES to bounce off of it while jumping on the bed. So all in all a creative and interesting solution to our problem.


Jennifer B said...

Hey perfect solution to a problem. Nice thinking!!

Lisa S. said...

As Ava would say "sooooo cute". It is a clever idea and it does look comfy!