A Lovely Day

Lily had her 6-month check-up today and she is still a big girl. Weighing in at 19 pounds 8 ounces and 27 inches long, she is as big as a 12 month old no doubt. She gets cuter every day (well, both my girls do!) and here are some cute pictures for you to enjoy:

The weather here has turned; it feels just like a nice summer day, not a sweltering hot day. Ahhh! We left the windows open last night and I have just now shut up the house for the day. It is so nice the house gets an airing out. It will be getting hot again for the rest of the week but cooling off this weekend again.

We went to the park yesterday in the afternoon since the weather was so nice. I had been saving up bits of bread to feed the ducks, but by the time we got there the ducks had had their fill of bread. We were old news after all the Labor Day picnics. Poor Ava just couldn't get any of them to come and see her. In the end I think I have to admit feeding the ducks was a much more exciting activity for me than for her. Takes me back to my own childhood.

I will leave you with the funniest Ava quote to date: "Daddy at home with Jack". No Daddy is at work Ava. "Daddy eating at DaDon-dalds." (Hmmmm, does she know something I don't?)

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Jennifer B said...

I love the pic of her looking in the mirror. So cute!! It is nice that we are getting a little cooler, except it is a double edge sword. That means swimming season is going to end soon. =(