Deeper Still - The Event

What an amazing weekend I had! I was blessed to attend the Deeper Still event in Las Vegas Friday and Saturday. Hosted by Lifeway Ministries, it featured three fabulous, livin' for the Lord sisters (or siestas as Beth Moore likes to call us - long story) who taught us alot about our magnificent Savior. Too much, too much to write down here but it was such an uplifting time of fellowship with ladies from my church; an amazing time of worship with over 5,000 other Christian women from Las Vegas and beyond; and powerful messages that the Lord intended me to hear and apply to my life. I even took Lily with me on Saturday and she was SUCH a good girl. She enjoyed the music and teaching as much as I did!

Read more about the weekend and the event by visiting the Deeper Still blog. Praise you God!

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Jennifer B said...

Sounds great. Glad to here you enjoyed yourself. You are so brave to take Lily and have her behave herself. I could never do that with my kids and enjoy myself. =)

Thanks - Jennifer