Why My Flat Tire Was a Blessing

  1. I got the flat tire right at the exit I was getting off at anyway.
  2. There was a Big O Tire right at that exit.
  3. I didn't do any damage to the tire rim as it happened so close to the tire store.
  4. They got my car right in and right out (under an hour on a Sunday!)
  5. If I hadn't taken that car at that moment and gotten the flat tire, Elliott would have taken the car in the next hour to go to work (on a Sunday, yuck!) and had to deal with the flat.
  6. Both girls were napping at home with Elliott when I left and Mom & Day Kay were there, so there was nothing I needed to be dealing with during that hour (and I wasn't dealing with two kids in a hot car or at a tire store).
  7. A lady left a Sunday paper for me, complete with coupons.
  8. That same lady also gave me a tip that I could pick up a Sunday paper at the Dollar Store, saving me money every future Sunday.

Momma Kay asked if I made enough from the coupons from the paper to cover the cost of the tires and I think the answer is almost close to "yes." One of the coupons was for a free dinner buffet at our local casino (which Elliott and I frequent and think it is a great place for picky eater Ava) and that saves $20 right there.

So that is why my flat tire was a blessing in disguise. Thank you Lord!

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Jennifer B said...

OK ~ Now I understand the title. It definately is the little things in life that make you appreciate what you have. Glad that everything worked out.