Week in Review

Drumroll please... Sarah's biggest accomplishment this week.......

BUYING A CHEST FREEZER! (and the crowd cheers!)

Yes, this week I finally crossed a longtime wish list item off of the wish list. I found a small chest freezer on Craigslist for $75. The guy actually lived only a couple of miles away and delivered it to me (complete with burly boys to lift and move it) for another $10. I think I got a good deal. Yeah, yeah, I could have held out for trying to find a freezer for around $50, but paying for a freezer AND not having to figure out to get it back to my house....priceless. This purchase will make stockpiling and freezer group SO much easier now. Thank you Lord.

**Also, an update on a former post - Lily is not sure about green beans. I was convinced that she hated them, but they seem to be growing on her as the concept of eating from a spoon also grows on her. **

Ava has a new hobby - eating crayons. Bright blue poop is a telltale sign, as are a rainbow of colors around her mouth. Sigh. She has also been getting into the PBS show Super Why. They teach letters and words, so naturally since Sesame Street and Signing Time taught her the alphabet, Super Why will teach her how to put it together. I honestly didn't know she was so into it until the drive back to Vegas after our Utah vacation. I was flipping radio channels and for some reason a station in the middle of nowhere was broadcasting the audio from PBS programming. Ava picked up on the Super Why song immediately and started calling for "Super Letters." Since then we have watched it at home and she is doing so well at recognizing letters. The other day they were making a word starting with "T" and they asked the audience "What letter does this tall start with?" Ava answered them "T!" So, you go Super Why, teach my daughter to spell.
We have also been using the power of "1-2-3-GO" on Ava. We have learned that we can get her to head wherever we want, usually in a hurry, if we count it down. "1-2-3-GO!" It has ALOT of power. Ava, run to your room so we can change your panties. Ready? 1-2-3-GO!

Mom and Dad Kay came for a visit Thursday afternoon. They will be staying until Sunday. On Friday Mom, Lizzie, and I spent most (ok, ALL) of the day canning apricots and making apricot jam. The picture shows all of our hard work (and the way we used EVERY ounce of counterspace). We put up 13 quarts of apricots and 19 pints of jam. Somewhere in there we also took care of babies and toddlers, got lunch and dinner on the table, and had a great time visiting. I have to confess though I crashed into bed around 9:30pm with Mom still cleaning up in the kitchen (thank you!). Also during her visit Mom is going to teach a bunch of us (including friends from church) to can peaches on Saturday. I will post pictures of that after the event.

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Anonymous said...

My my, aren't you a busy mommy. Wow, good for you guys and good for Momma Kay (aka Martha Stewart without the prison record). Nice job providing for the family and putting fresh fruit to good use. The only canning I've ever tried was a few weeks ago when our neighbor, Donna, helped me can some salsa I had slaved over a hot stove for 3 hours to make. I only put up 9 quarts and I was SICK of canning so I wholeheartedly commend you, especially since if I'm not mistaken this is your first experience with canning? Not sure on that one. Anyways, props to you and your $85 freezer as well. Give the girls kisses from Aunt Tracy--good to talk to you yesterday. Love you!