Canning Peaches - Part II

I didn't get around to the peaches until Friday. When I picked up the box on Monday they weren't ripe enough, so I let them sit this week. I forgot to take a picture during the process, but here is a lovely picture of the finished canned product.

This week I have felt like a squirrel getting ready for winter (although here in Vegas winter will be a blessing; we are all going a little stir-crazy cooped up in the house during the heat wave). Besides 10 quarts of peaches this week I have also canned or frozen:

  • 4 quarts pears
  • pureed peaches for Lily, cut-up peaches for Ava
  • dozen bunches of pureed spinach for cooking
  • 10 cups of strawberries
  • dozen bunches of green onions
  • 4 quarts salsa
  • pureed carrots for Lily

Whew! Makes for some full days, but I do feel like my most productive when it is all done knowing that I have done what I could to be a good steward and support my family the best way I can.

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