Lily Weighs In... Literally

We had our 4 month baby well-check this morning for Lily (or "Ninny Nose" according to Ava). Drum roll please......

...weighing in at 17 pounds 2 ounces and almost 26 inches tall, LILY ROSE KAY!

(That sounded just like a ring announcer in my head. Maybe Elliott has had too much Ultimate Fighting Championship on in the house lately.)

Anyway, Lily is doing great. In the 90+ percentile (which means she is bigger than 90%+ of other babies her age), she is holding her own in comparison to Ava, who was also big for her age too, then slowed down to average around her first birthday. So no big surprise for Lily. I have to confess to you though that the other day I was apparently staring at her legs for too long because I started to convince myself that something was wrong and they were swollen. Nope, they are just that chunky.

I got the doorway jumper out for her the other day and she really likes it. She doesn't do a whole lot it in right now but she enjoys hanging out, kinda swinging around. Soon enough she will figure out that she is the driving force of the up-down movement and then she will be unstoppable. Since one of the downfalls of Las Vegas architecture is lack of doorjams and framing, we are limited to where we can put that jumper. So we also have a floor-based jumper, which I switched out the swing for today, so that is ready for her too, when she gets a bit bigger. Boy oh boy, she is one lucky girl, isn't she?

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Jennifer B said...

Wow what a cutie!! You are so lucky! My kids are always so little I feel like I have to worry. So fun!!