Growing Up

Most of the time I think my anecdotes are related to Ava's antics. I can't help it, she is a little more active than Lily at this stage of life. However, Lily is holding her own this week in the "family news" department.

After sleeping very well via naps and bedtime, Lily has taken a turn for the worse. I think there are two main culprits: socializing and hunger. Lately she seems to be eating SO much more (and more frequently) than before which seems natural since she is growing, but I get the feeling that my nursing her is just not doing the trick. Those that have known me throughout both my pregnancies know that this was not the case with Ava. I could've been a wet nurse, that's how much I was able to feed her. Lily started out that way, but my milk production seems to have slowed down alot faster than with Ava (just an over-sharing sidenote for you all). Hence our try last night to introduce Lily to cereal. Yes, a little early (just ever so slightly) but I was a little desperate. I wondered if this might help her sleep better, more evenly, through the night again. Well I am unhappy to report that it didn't seem to help as supposed, but we got some good photos for you.

Lily has also discovered the joys of being social, which have been hindering the progress on naptimes. As soon as she figures out that you are still holding her after a feeding or rocking, she is "miraculously" awake again, spitting out her pacifier and cooing and gurgling and grinning at you. It is SO hard not to respond. I have figured out that the best thing for me to do is just lean back in the chair and shut my eyes and wait it out. She usually drifts off if I don't pay attention to her. Usually, not always. She just doesn't want to miss a minute of the action.

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Anonymous said...

Hey sis! I can't believe how different Lily looks from the last time I saw her! Man, she really is getting so big so fast. I'll have to plan another trip out west pretty soon. Sorry the cereal didn't work but at least nothing's stunting her growth :) I'm sure your girls will be tall like we turned out. I love being tall! Yesterday I needed a pen from behind this office desk I was at and I just reached my monkey arms back there and got it while my petite customer stared in awe :)
Love you!